New installer for Projectpier 0.8.8 and a security fix for existing users


ProjectPier has an all-new download page! There have been some changes made to the installer and packaging. First off, if you already have projectpier 0.8.8 installed, please take a few minutes to perform a quick security fix. Simply log into your server and delete two files. /tools/upload.php and /tools/upload_file.php.

ProjectPier Makes ProfitBrick's "Top 25 Collaboration Tools for Developers" List


Congratulations ProjectPier! ProfitBricks has just released their list of the “Top 25 Collaboration Tools for Developers,” and you've made the list! It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to keep a project like this going.

How can you help make ProjectPier the best free project management software?

What's going on with ProjectPier? I'm glad you asked. The development team has been spending most of their time recently researching and contemplating the implementation of AJAX technology to give ProjectPier a more responsive feel. There is a group of people working behind the scenes to keep this site rolling and improve the ProjectPier software every day.

All new manual, including a PDF printable version


The website has been updated today with a new manual. The manual covers topics such as downloading, installing and configuring ProjectPier. The manual was written for version 0.8.8 and explains how to install the service packs SP1 and SP2 as well. It also covers all of the key issues we've been seeing coming up again and again in the forums.

We're getting new hosting for!

It's late Saturday night here in the US and I've completed moving all of to a brand new dedicated server which is blazing fast. For all you geeks out there, it has 12x the ram and 4x the processor cores as the previous server had. Some of you may experience this site being extremely slow for the next 24-48 hours until your ISP updates their DNS.

New user registration disabled - updated


Recently this site has been attacked by comment spammers. We are working to get the problem under control. Until it is under control no new user accounts can be created. We apologize to honest new members of the ProjectPier community for this inconvenience. Unfortunately this means you won't be able to participate in the forum discussions unless you have an existing account.

back online


Hi all, I am back online. I took a couple of weeks off from PP due to other priorities (mostly work related). I am starting up again and will be looking in to stuff again :-). I managed to convince someone to take on the role of social media manager :D and she takes care of cleaning up the forum from spam. I just checked and it looks great so far.

audio player implemented


I listen to Internetradio when working on ProjectPier. I would open a favourite, click on the player, a new window would open and the music would play. Today, I was like, why don't I integrate an audio player in ProjectPier and use the links (from the links plugin) to store favourite radiostations.

Pier goes PDF


Today I implemented the first PDF output for PP. You can have the task list as PDF now. A sample PDF is attached. Also, Wiki subpages have been introduced enabling you to use a book like structure for your wiki. Combine that with PDF and we can generate PDF books from Wiki. I am planning to include in the PDF what you see on screen, so images and the like should be in the PDF.

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