0.8.8 service pack 2 available


Dear all,

Service pack 2 for 0.8.8 is available from the download page (all the way to the bottom). It delivers Dutch, Wiki subpages, authentication plugins, improvements in the time part and the wiki part. Wiki can be used as a web site building engine. Service pack 2 offers more fields for contacts like food preferences, location, department, license plate. The reminders plugin is in the core now. A great job from ajax007. Lots of more improvements.

Be sure to run http://YOUR-SITE.com/public/patch.php?id=086-088-a to make the necessary database changes. Replace YOUR-SITE.com with your site url.

Cheers, Reinier

I have it on the activated, but where can I find it and how does it work, thx...


You can find the reminders plug-in by following the instructions below.

From any location in PP go to the usermenu and click on "view username here.
From there you can see the reminders plug-in right above your username.

Hope this helps!


Thx...never would have found that without your help. I noticed that the days you click on to receive reminders email (at least in my interface) are not being safed or at least not shown again after safing them. Looking forward to see how that works.

thx a lot, Dominik

No such link as a "usermenu"

in the top right corner you can see a menu-item with your username in it. for me it is "view engelbert". Click on that menu-item.

Thx! Found it, but when I click on it I get - "We are sorry, but ProjectPier is not currently able to execute your request. An Error Report has been sent to the administrator.

I do not know what can cause that maybe you can open an issue in the bugtracker (first search for it so we do not get double issues)

Thanks Englebert! It's so good to know there's someone alive in here!

I deactivated the reminders plugin, reactivated it and the reminders page now displays. I am not receiving email reminders though; test mail works. When I use the php.init file from ver 0.8.8 the browser displays a blank page, so I am using the 0.8.6 copy - I'm assuming that's the issue and will have to debug.

Hi Engelbert,
Have reminders activated but I'm not getting emails. Looks like "days to send email" is not being saved. Also tried "Show tasks X days in the future"; that is being saved but still not getting reminders. Any thoughts? Thx in advance!

P.S. Test emails are working....

I am sorry jkress, I have no idea as to why it aint working. Could it be that there is a CRON-job needed?
I am no programmer for PP and as such I do not know much of the inner workings of PP.
Maybe you can search the forums and the bugtracker for a solution?

here is my try at fixing your problem: (copy past from developers site ;-) )

* Setup a cron job script to retrieve %PROJECT_PIER_URL%/index.php?c=reports&a=send_emails, where the %PROJECT_PIER_URL% is your base URL.
Note: The URL retrieved is used in the email, so if you set your URL to http://localhost/, your users may not be able to use the links in the email.

thx - have the cron job setup. The problem is that when you run that url directly from a browser it returns an error, so it is a bug somewhere in PP.

Call me a blind mole if you like but for the life of me I cant find the download link... Care posting it?

Go to this page:


And scroll way down, the patches are on the bottom of the page after the change log.
Make sure you follow the instructions provided.


How can we do the time tracking with whatever is offered today in ProjectPier .8.8 SP2? Any ideas to track time? If time tracking is not possible, when can we expect it?

Thanks in advance. :-)

On a new install, when trying to create first project I get an error saying not authorized to create project (I am admin and have enabled all permissions). Thought I would install SP1 and SP2 prior to seeking further help but ran into a different problem. Instructions say to upload SPs to install directory (and presumably unzip). Not sure what I expected, but nothing happens except I get the option to overwrite entire directories (not a good idea I think, since only selected files are included in the SPs). Is there some kind of installer I am missing that will route the files where they need to go, or is this done by hand? Any info on the new project error would also be appreciated. Thank you for sharing your work.

about the overwriting of folders:

The file's in the SP1 and SP2 folders are the newest version. They add extra features and contain bug fixes.
The files that are in your ProjectPier folder but not in your SP folders will NOT be changed!

You can safely overwrite the files when uploading the SP's.

About the other error: try searching the forum and the bugtracker for a solution.

If you get 404 Not Found while running SP2:

Cause URL should B:

I love it! Any reason why checkboxes on the tasks have disappeared to be replaced by numbers in brackets?