All new manual, including a PDF printable version


The website has been updated today with a new manual. The manual covers topics such as downloading, installing and configuring ProjectPier. The manual was written for version 0.8.8 and explains how to install the service packs SP1 and SP2 as well. It also covers all of the key issues we've been seeing coming up again and again in the forums. It should make getting started with ProjectPier a lot easier for those new to the product. I'm sure it could still use some work; contact me if you would like to contribute changes or additions.

Nice work Jon!

This was a much needed feature! Good, very good.

(great feature in the manual is the warnings in red.)

Hi guys!

You guys are really doing a wonderful Job. I just installed the app couple of weeks ago and have been trying to manage work through it and its been awesome so far.

I am really keen to know what's coming in future ...


Great work guys!
Keep it up!