audio player implemented


I listen to Internetradio when working on ProjectPier. I would open a favourite, click on the player, a new window would open and the music would play. Today, I was like, why don't I integrate an audio player in ProjectPier and use the links (from the links plugin) to store favourite radiostations. Let me tell you, the development version is capable of running an audio player :-) See the screen shot. Now integrate with links...

radio.png29.69 KB

Hi PHPFreak - I love the project, and am very impressed with everything you've achieved so far.

However, things like this make me a little concerned that the project is losing focus. This functionality is not really appropriate to a project tracker at all. I was slightly concerned with all the parking/dietary stuff that was added in the most recent update, and would very much like to see a way to disable it as it is completely irrelevant in our situation (as I think will be the case for a lot of users) and is very confusing to our clients. However, this new feature is going even further out-of-scope and I can see absolutely no benefit that wouldn't be equally (or better) served by just adding a shortcut to your browser's bookmarks bar.

I strongly urge you to not include this feature in the next update, and to focus more on the project-management side of things. This is an excellent and well-designed application, and I would hate to see it dissolve into an unusable piece of bloatware! :-)

Keep up the good work,

- HappyDog

Thanks for the kind words. The radio is indeed the result of a bit of boredom: Programming and getting no feedback on how it is used :D

In general there are conflicting requirements. We need to come up with a solution to switch functionality on/off.

E.g. some people want time tracking, some not, some want only dates, some want start and end dates etc.

Well, you already have a very good config settings infrastructure, so it shouldn't be hard to use that to add settings to turn features on and off, as is already the case.

For some of these things, it doesn't even need to have new settings - for example if the 'Parking space url' field is blank, then all UI relating to parking spaces should be hidden - you don't need a new config setting for this.

We haven't been using the software long enough to have a wish-list yet, but I'm sure as we go we'll have a whole bunch of things to feed back to you! :-) So far, it's working quite well, and I think your coding is excellent - very well structured software, good separation of concerns, and a pleasure to work with!


- Mark