How can you help make ProjectPier the best free project management software?

What's going on with ProjectPier? I'm glad you asked. The development team has been spending most of their time recently researching and contemplating the implementation of AJAX technology to give ProjectPier a more responsive feel. There is a group of people working behind the scenes to keep this site rolling and improve the ProjectPier software every day. For example, there is a group of volunteers who spend time each day deleting spam from the forum and answering questions in the forum. If you have questions, that is the place to start. There is another group working on translations of ProjectPier into many different languages. Others are working hard creating new themes, reporting bugs, and submitting patches for bugs. And I almost forgot to mention, there is a group working on redesigning this website.

How can you get involved? Feel free to just jump in wherever your skill set can be of help. If you are not sure how to get started, let the community know your ideas and that you need help getting involved by posting a message in the forum; someone will help you get started. It can be as simple as letting the community know what features you need in future versions of ProjectPier. The best thing to do is express your wants and needs in the forum and explain what you can do to help those along and what others can do to help you. Others should then join in helping you to refine your ideas in the forums and we can all work together toward common goals.

If you are new to ProjectPier, Welcome! If you've been around a while, thank you for all your time and talents you have contributed!

I have downloaded the latest stable version of porjectpier in order to test if it is what we need to manage our projects.
Since we wirk in Chile, and our mother language is spanish, I've started updatig the language files of version 0.8.8 of ProjectPier.
If you want, I can send you all the translations, in order to include them into the porjectpier packages.
Beside that, I'm now checking the fil plugin, in order to allow the user to link a file no only to a project but also to a task in that project, since.

Please confirm me if you would like me to send you the translation files.
best regards
Pedro Abella.

Yes, we would love to have your updates. Are you familiar using GitHub? If not, you could post your updates here and someone will integrate them for you.