Pier goes PDF


Today I implemented the first PDF output for PP. You can have the task list as PDF now. A sample PDF is attached. Also, Wiki subpages have been introduced enabling you to use a book like structure for your wiki. Combine that with PDF and we can generate PDF books from Wiki. I am planning to include in the PDF what you see on screen, so images and the like should be in the PDF.
Any other requests on PDF output?

Welcome-To-Do List-tasks.pdf2.54 KB

nice addition to the skill set of PP.
Bookmarks per tasklist and/or a new page per tasklist would be nice too.

Great feature, thank you! The more "Print to PDF" we have, the better :)

What would be superb would be to output the reports to PDF format. I see the 0,8,8 version has a reports plugin which is fabulous. The only downfall is not being able to extract the billed time per project and user to a file. You can only see the result in the application.

I was testing this

1. If I try to save as csv I get an empty file.
2. I get a pdf, but in a wrong characterset, all the special Icelandic characters get messed up :(

Otherwise I'm exited about this feature :)

as for documents that could be useful:

* list of all milestones+tasks in a week
* list of all milestones+tasks for a user
* list of all milestones+tasks for a period of time
* combinations of the above :)
* some reports on Time (like the above)
* tickets + history on top of page
* list of contacts
* calendar
* list of files in a project (with details)
* ...

I guess we could go on with this list :)

This is probably one of the most useful tools for me. I have gone around all documentation trying to figure out why the .txt version comes out blank and the pdf download works like a charm.

Is it possible to get all tasks for all projects? and most importantly in txt or csv format?