Release 0.8.8 available for download

Dear all,

Release 0.8.8 is available for download from this moment on. It took a long time for the new release to reach production quality. The first week of 2012 was used to polish things up and add internationalization support within ProjectPier itself. I am pretty excited about the internationalization plugin. Translators do not need to edit lots of files to get the labels right on screen. Companies can change labels to fit their environment using a browser. Administrators can simply edit the label and see the results immediately. Also, the link plugin has a nifty feature: To set the logo; ProjectPier gets a snapshot of the website the link is pointing to allowing you to cut out a part of that snapshot.

For those using 0.8.6, this release has a validated upgrade solution on board. A big thanks to bluesky who offered his production site for upgrading.

Also the emerald curtain theme and theme plugin have been validated to work with 0.8.8 (see the attached picture). The reminders plugin that is mentioned is under development now so you should be seeing a validated reminders plugin soon.

But for now, enjoy 0.8.8

Cheers, Reinier (aka phpfreak)

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Awesome job Reinier!!

If you want to use PP 0.8.8 in french, add a line
'fr_fr' => 'French',
in the $locales array in the langage/locales.php file. (Sorry, I forgot to tell it to you Reiner)
Nice job, thank you.

can't wait to have time to look at the new version

Hi Reinier,

Great job on getting this release out.

I have been sniffing around for open source project management software to use at the ad agency I work at. I'm trying to learn Projectpier and train my staff at the same time.

I've found this tough because there really isn't any documentation that will help beginners. And so I would like to offer my services to help develop a simple user's guide aimed at beginners to project management in general and Project Pier specifically.

If you are interested, please let me know.


Maybe you can work toegether with Engelbert on this:

I am definitely available to answer questions to help you write a beginners guide.

Nicely done Reinier!

so... how do I update from alpha?

feel a bit lost here after trying a search through the project-pier site.