We're getting new hosting for projectpier.org!

It's late Saturday night here in the US and I've completed moving all of projectpier.org to a brand new dedicated server which is blazing fast. For all you geeks out there, it has 12x the ram and 4x the processor cores as the previous server had. Some of you may experience this site being extremely slow for the next 24-48 hours until your ISP updates their DNS. If your DNS has updated you'll know it because the new server is extremely fast! Special thanks to the paying customers at Andrexa ProjectPier Hosting for making the new dedicated server possible.


Still a bit slow here in the Netherlands. Guess I have to wait a bit longer :-)

My apologies, I just found that the DNS was not properly changed, should be better 24 hours from now.

Yes, fast now. Now it makes replying to posts fun again.

Nice work jon! This is just what PP deserves. :)
And big thanks to the peeps at Andrexa for making this possible!