Helping the Project

ProjectPier is Free and Open Source software, so we depend on you, ProjectPier users, to help us make the software better.

Help the Community

Help projectpier development Forums: ProjectPier doesn't offer commercial support on its own, so we need friendly, patient users who know their way around to help out the newbies and learners who are just trying PP out for the first time. This is a great way to start helping, just sign up for an account in this site and head over to the forums. Find someone who needs help and see if you can help them!

improve projectpier documentationThe Manual: Our documentation project can always use more detail and more updates. If you are a good writer we need your help creating the ultimate handbook for using ProjectPier. To get involved with the documentation project, contact us and let us know what you want to add.


Build ProjectPier themesKnow more about CSS than PHP? ProjectPier has a rich templating system that allows graphic designers to create vibrant skins for its interface relatively quickly. Whether you've been tweaking your default theme and created something new, or started from scratch, why not share your work with the rest of the ProjectPier community? Learn more about creating themes.

Testing and Bug Submission

Help projectpier development If you want to help make ProjectPier more stable and easy to use but don't have the time or experience to code yourself, why not help test new versions of PP and file bug reports to the bug tracker, that way the programmers can focus on what they do best, adding the features and improvements you want to see in ProjectPier. Just select the appropriate project such as the core, or a particular theme or plugin and create an issue there.

Programming and new Features

Help projectpier developmentLast but of course not least is the actual programming itself. ProjectPier is a robust tool, but we need talented PHP developpers to help us get all the features that PP users want and need ready and working. If you have a patch you've created for yourself or want to get your improvements into the core, we hope you'll join us to create the most powerful, stable and open tool we can. If you're interested, introduce yourself in the forum and find out how to get involved. Otherwise, take a look at our bug tracker, and see if there's anything you'd like to work on or know how to fix quickly. Remember, each bug we fix as a team is a bug you'll never see again when implementing ProjectPier for yourself or for customers!