ProjectPier documentation manual The ProjectPier manual is the formal documentation of ProjectPier. It's introductions, FAQs and How-To's should get you well on your way to getting your organization productive. If anything is missing or confusing, feel free to ask for help in Support Forums.

Table of Contents

Where's the user's manual?
Please, Printer-friendly version, is not true!

I am not sure but I do not think we have one. I guess it is learn by doing.

Where is the Printer-Friendly version link? The manual part of the website is a bit confusing, click on the "Introduction / Tour" and then keep navigating to the next page on the bottom right side there will be a link. There does not seem to be an easy way to jump to those pages so you just have to keep paging through them using the bottom right link.

I don't find the link for download the manuel...after passing through the section "introduction/tour".
Can you help me to find it please? Thanks


A new manual is in process and should be ready for publishing here in a couple weeks. It will be available as both a web page and a downloadable PDF format.


Thanks Jon! Therefore, we are waiting for...