Notification Emails without Details

I think it would help keep clients from replying to emails if the notification just said that there was an update of whatever the notification is for on the project site and directing them to login to it for details. The fact that it always includes the details makes it more likely that the client will reply by email to the content in the message rather than going to the project site to reply.

I understand your point visionsping.

The ideal solution would probably be the oft-requested "reply by email" feature. It doesn't exist at the moment since it involves many not-easy aspects.

But I do think that having the details included is useful (for me at least). I think that many people work mainly from their email client and being able to read through all messages and comments from there, to assess if a reply is necessary or not, is very useful.

That being said, I suppose that it could be interesting to have the ability for an admin to customize the emails sent out by the application. That customization could include the details or not.

To sum it up, I am not for removing the details in the emails. If nothing else would have to change, I like it the way it is right now. However, a customizable email template would be better and serve both purposes.


Thanks for your thoughtful and thorough response. I can see what you mean about the details being useful for those who are used to working from their email and for people who know not to reply to the email notifications. I guess the main issue for me is that one of the key benefits of having this project site is to keep everything together in one place, which is difficult if some clients keep emailing rather than using the board. I agree with your proposed solution to have an option to include them or not to as an admin, so that it can be used for some clients and not for others.