Multi Project-Pier Portal

I love ProjectPier, and often refer my clients/co-workers to it, if they have large projects which require organization or collaboration (and aren't necessarily involved with me).

Because of this, I have many logins to many PP systems (I often help out with many projects), and I was thinking that it would be nice if there was an additional tab up top that was something along the lines of "Network", and when in that tab it'll list your projects/tasks/milestones/etc for other PP systems that you have an account for.

I'd imagine the primary system would have to store the auth info for each secondary system, then do some sort XML communication with the other secondary systems to interact with the projects/tasks in that system.

Any input on my feature request would be most appreciated.

Any thoughts or input?

It'd require a heck of a lot of work, including implementing an api etc.

Nice idea, but unlikely to happen

I agree with this. I'm a web developer and work with many different designers. I've setup PP for each of these designers so they can manage their client projects. On occasion they send work my way. I have to log into each PP site to manage those tasks.

Agreed on the concept but have no idea where to start with some implementation.