Allow subfolders within folders; upload multiple files at once

My business has been using this program for a few months now. We use it to back up our business data to an offsite server. I've found it to be very user friendly. I'm in charge of loading files onto the system, and creating the projects. I think this program would be greatly enhanced with the addition of two features.

1. Allow subfolders to be created within folders. I'm the only one who consistently uses this program. Other members of my office have tried it and complained that they can't create subfolders. Not allowing multiple levels of folders requires us to completely restructure our data organization for projects, which is a big pain.

2. As the person in charge of loading over 6 years worth of business data, I would find it so very helpful to be able to upload multiple files, and even entire folders. It would save me months of work.

I'm not familiar with pp's structure as a developer, but would it be possible to adopt the codebase from drupal's web file manager module? This has the option of uploading a hierarchy of folders via ftp then populating the database with that directory set. Then at the file level you could have the "attach from server" option?

I second this one,

just installed ProjectPier, brand new to the forum (hi everyone!), and already complaining ;)

No seriously, here at my architects office we are used to use a specific organisation with our folders, thus having the ability to make subfolders would definitivly rock. One precision, i don't see a particular interest in filling the top level ones with folders and files, thus this could be done via a category type that is just a group of folders wich are themselves containing data/files.

One other must have is a progress bar when uploading. clients are getting lost sometimes....

Other than that, it rocks, and i'm happy to get on the boat.


I'm at 80% making subfolder hapening, It is based on ajax and java, its is working, but now i'm making it also usable when creating new projects with configuration standaard folders.
If somebody interested contact me,

Programming based on htmlgoodies tree with maximal 7 levels.