Message comments by email

Long ago (been using Pier for about a year now) I remember a feature of Basecamp to where my clients could reply to an email they received and the site would use that email to update the message with their reply.

I've got some new clients that haven't jumped on the online project management bandwagon. So when they reply to messages, they don't bother logging into the site. Instead they just reply to the message that looks as if it were sent directly from my email client, instead of being first posted on the site.

This little feature would clean up a little bit of time on my end with clients like this! So far I've been copying and pasting their messages into the site as a comment from me (no good for tracking after the fact) and then replying to it in another comment. In the end, users end up with a bunch of emails from me (instead of from their original authors) so the project looks like a one way conversation.

From an analytical point of view, right now I think the messages are just emailed out from Pier with a reply address of the email address of the person who posted the message. In order to handle what I'm wanting to do, Pier would have to become an email handler itself with its own email address. Then it would have to parse to obtain project & message information to create the reply comment.

Is any of this in the works for a future version?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

I just noticed that others have posted about being able to create items via email. Should have done a little more reading before the re-post. Sorry guys!

Rueben Ramirez