Ability to visualize tasks of any member

Is it possible to visualize th tasks of a selected user, just like I can visualize my tasks in 'My tasks' view?

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This would be graeat for a project leader, to be able to know someone's performance...

That's why I am requesting this feature. I am using projectpier as a daily task management system for my team.

I just installed project pier for my organizatioin and it's perfect minus the fact my boss can't see what we're doing unless he logs in as us. I guess that will have to do for now.

My search of such feature led me to this page. Indeed, this would be a great add-on to project pier... which is already a great piece of software. I have deployed this within my team to remind us of our tasks but unfortunately i can't generate a report to visualize the overall status of the tasks of the whole team... hope this feature could be added in.

Can you tell me how this would work?

There is already an overview of all tasks in a project.