Hi all,
I'm CIO of a start up and wanted to integrate Project Management software into our corporate website. I just couldn't stomach the high cost of MS Project Server, or even hosted project server while we're running lean and mean.
I found this project via the web and have downloaded and installed this version on our website and am tweaking and running it through it's paces. I like this and feel this will be perfect for our young company, and hopefully will be able to make a contribution back to the community somehow.
Cheers and happy holidays to all associated with this project.

I truly hope this software will help you reach your goals. Just let us know what you need in the software to stay lean.
December 30th the stable version will be available.


I like the look (marine) and the feel of the software. Once we get rolling in it, then we'll be able to make some recommendations ... but for now we're just learning it.

Right now just trying to brand the login page and set color schemes to match out corporate colors.

Henry Boulley
CIO/Indian Energy, LLC