Notification for new files

I'd like to get an e-mail notification when a new file has been uploaded to the "Files" section.

Perhaps we can make this optional like one can subscribe/unsubscribe to notifications for new messages/comments in the "Messages" section.

This would be really, really useful. At the moment you have to create a new message and attach a file to it for people to be notified of the file by email. A lot of our clients dont realise this, and (understandably!) just create a new file in the file area.

A vote for this to be implemented!

Definitely needed. PP needs improvement to notifications in a lot of areas - file adding, updating & comments would be a good start.

I agree, it would simplify things a lot.

I think what is needed is the possibility to notify specific users of a "comment" on file "add file" "edit file" event
The users selected would then be subscribed to future event on the file with ability to unsubscribe and ability to notify new people

I am not much of a coder otherwise I would surely help!
thank you for the great product!


I use the RSS feature on Project Pier to get exactly this function. My Microsoft Outlook has a folder for RSS feeds (it's version 2007 for Small Business).

To set this up: go into Project Pier, right click on the orange RSS icon, select Copy Link Location; then go into Outlook, RSS Feeds folder, right click, select Add a New RSS Feed..., then paste the link you copied.

It's really easy, and you'll get a notification with date, time, person, and what was posted whenever there's activity on Project Pier.

RSS is really good. And most modern browsers support too RSS feeds, so you can have on top of your browser drop down list with latest changes. Really esy on Firefox, just drag RSS link from appropriate PP section to the Bookmarks toolbar an here it is, always fresh and available.

Working on ProjectPier development and already developed this module. Please contact at for paid service. Thanks

F I Maruf

Keep the paid service to yourself man, this is a free project!

For those looking to send emails when a file is uploaded, if found a working way, maybe someone will arrange this code, its a bit of a mess :p

The following code will send a mail to everyone working on the project.

Open application/controllers/FilesController.class.php.

After line 408 (DB::commit();) add the following lines:

// **********************************************

foreach (active_project()->getCompanies() as $company) {
if (is_array($users = $company->getUsersOnProject(active_project())) && count($users)) {

foreach ($users as $user) {

$user_mail = clean($user->getEmail());

$success = Notifier::sendEmail($user_mail, Notifier::prepareEmailAddress(logged_user()->getEmail(), logged_user()->getDisplayName()), "Upload notice in project " . clean(active_project()->getName()), "I just uploaded a new file : ----- " . array_var($uploaded_file, 'name') . " ----- inside project " . clean(active_project()->getName()) . "\n\nPlease have a look at it!\n\n" . html_entity_decode(active_project()->getOverviewUrl()) . "\n\n\n\n" . logged_user()->getDisplayName() );
} // foreach

} // if
} // foreach

// **********************************************


** edited

Is this code still viable? Modified FilesController.class.php with code suggested above -- was getting error messages


Check 0.8.8 on github. It allows to select the people to notify.