Project Manager like Graphical Task & Project Timeline

Is there anything in development for a visual representation of a project in a time-line? Something like the Microsoft Project Manager? It would really help to be able to visualize the project and organize tasks better. Now i basically make the project in MS Project Manager and then update the tasks from there to PP but even then there is only an End Date (No Start date) and no way of seeing milestones and tasks together in a single time-line.

PS: Is there any way to get notified if someone replies to my messages in this forum?

Yes, something like that is in the planning for 0.9.

Startdate is indeed missing. It is easily patchable. Would that help you?

P.S. Yes, notifications are not working anymore. Jon and Dan are busy with that. I click 'Recent posts' and check but still sometimes miss posts :-(.

Tnx for the reply. No worries on the fix. I can wait for the next version. Any idea on when it is planned to come out?

I saw that a Reporting Module with Gantt charting is available in 0.8.7, but there is still no editable start date field for Tasks or Milestones. If the Gantt chart is to be useful for project planning, having a way to enter start dates for future tasks is critical. Are you just using the 'created_on' field to determine where to place the task on the Gantt chart?