Import from ActiveCollab - almost working



I installed beta 1 of version .8 of PP. I copied my 0.7.1 aC database into a new DB, amd copied the files from /upload and /cache from the aC install to the PP install.

Almost everything is working, apart from the files. If I try and download any file, I get a system error, and if I try and view the files on some projects, I get the same error.

I'm not a php developer so I cant figure out how to either fix the issue or get more meaningful error messages. Any help on either of these points would be great.


Have you followed the instructions in the file upgrade.txt? 

All uploaded files are listed in the database, so you can't get the files on disk and the database out of synch or the attachments won't work - as you described.  Try deleting the /cache, you could be having trouble if you copied this.  Sometimes emptying the cache directory takes care of some problems.  If you can document your upgrade procedure once the kinks are worked out, we'll include it as an alternate method in the upgrade.txt file.

Hope this helps.

Doh! Sorry! Will try that.

Right - the upgrade process worked perfectly. Thanks again.