Email notification options

[I'm not too heavy/great coder myself - when I tried looking into implementing this feature for my website the code kinda went over my head lol]

I've been wondering if we could have a section of tickboxes for when files are uploaded, revisions are uploaded, comments being added, etc... for different sections/plugins. Similar to how when making a new message has a notify by email option.

It's just so that for particular comments uploaded, not all teams neccesarily require a heads up on the new comment - in particular the Files section.

[I noticed this when uploading a file as admin, then posting a comment on that same file - everyone in the company was notified of the comment - there's no subscribe option when uploading files, yet comments are broadcast? seems a bit odd...]

So I'm thinking it might be a good idea to have a section when commenting, file uploading, etc.. to have an email notification option - with whoever is subscribed already ticked?

I guess what you want is already in 0.8.7. Both files and comments now have this notification section. I attached a screenshot showing the section for files.

notifications-file.PNG 19.99 KB

Thanks phpfreak for the screenshot - I've yet to move to 0.8.7 to know yet, but yeah thats it haha.