Users Cannot Add Links


Users are currently unable to add links for a project even when given all permissions. They can see links added by the administrative user. Is this a permissions issue or something I am missing?

Only administrators or members of the owner company are authorized to manage links. There is no specific permission for managing links as you may have noticed.

Do you have a need for users of client companies to add links?


Yes, we do have a need for users of client companies to add links. Would this be hard to add permissions for this?



Replace all lines

return $user->isAdministrator() || $user->isMemberOfOwnerCompany();


return $user->isProjectUser($this->getProject());

Now all users part of the project can add, edit and delete links.

I am getting this error:
"Using $this when not in object context"
on all lines that I add the replacement: "return $user->isProjectUser($this->getProject());"

My bad. $this->getProject should have been active_project(). This is the best line:

      return $user->isAdministrator() || $user->isMemberOfOwnerCompany() || $user->isProjectUser(active_project());

I have attached a new file for your convenience. This file gave no error in my setup and a project user (not an admin or member) was able to add a link.


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and i did your fixed actually i downloaded the file you put there and it work perfect.
ok thanks

It works. Thank you!!!