Myproject drop down list (PP 8.7.B)

My suggestion would be that the dropdownlist can be configured to show only the Mainprojects (not subprojects). In our case the dropdown list is far too long to fit on the page if all projects are in the list. So showing only the main projects would clean up the list and make oversight a lot easier, cheers, Dominik


I welcome that suggestion. I was already busy with a solution where a dynamic list would be built based on the first character of a project name. But if all projects start with a number, it wont work.

Another option is to display the projects in more columns instead of one.

Or a search field like Google (when you type something it shows all projects that have the text in their name).

Main projects might be a good start.


OK, i fixed your site with the following:

File application/models/users/User.class.php
Line 393

        $this->active_projects[$sort] = ProjectUsers::getProjectsByUser($this, "$projects_table.`completed_on` = $empty_datetime AND $projects_table.`parent_id` = 0", $sort);

Original code:

        $this->active_projects[$sort] = ProjectUsers::getProjectsByUser($this, "$projects_table.`completed_on` = $empty_datetime", $sort);

works great, for us this is a very good solution