move message, task, ticket, file

Being a user reminds me on christmas as a child - you can "utter" any wish ... ok here´s one more. It would often be very handy to be able to move things from one project to another - thats basically true for all plugins from messages ... to wiki. Sometimes you realize that things have been put into the wrong context - especially if they developed already a little bit (meaning there is quite some content already in it) it would be great to be able to move it to another place if necessary.
Thx, Dominik

Should be possible. Let me have a look.

I looked into it and found an interesting thing. Messages may be linked to other objects in a project (e.g. milestone). What to do in such a situation?

Scenario 1
1) user unlinks message from milestone
2) user moves message to other project

Scenario 2
1) user moves message to other project
* milestone still refers to other project

Scenario 3
1) user moves message to other project
* message is automatically unlinked from milestone

I am assuming that comments are automatically moved with the message.

So, what scenario to implement?

From my view the first would be the best implementation, as it asures that the user is aware of that. So unlink it actively and than move it. Thx, Dominik