collation values in MySQL


After a look in phpMyAdmin, I have remarked that I have different collation values in my ProjectPier database.

Most of my PP tables use utf8_unicode_ci as collation value, but the tables below use latin1_german1_ci
- PP086_project_categories
- PP086_project_files
- PP086_project_file_revisions
- PP086_project_folders
- PP086_project_tickets
- PP086_project_ticket_changes
- PP086_project_ticket_subscriptions
- PP086_project_times

The database itself use latin1_german1_ci

Is it normal ?

It is normal because the collation is not explicitly set for those tables and thus the default collation is used.

It is not normal because we want the have the same collation all over projectpier.

I will make appropiate fixes.