Installing Project Pier using WAMP without FTP


I am trying to install Project Pier on a new ly created server using WAMP. When I look at the instructions, I am advised to use FTP. The server that it is being installed on is local. I don't want to use the XAMP install.

How do I complete the project pier install without FTP'ing the files?

Usually unzip the pp zip in c:\wamp\htdocs or something like that.

After unzipping in the htdocs directory, you can access pp with something like

http://<your server>/<name of pp subdirectory>

No go.

Whats the name of your server?

For instance, my xampp installation/server is reachable via:
http://localhost/ (try clicking the link, it should bring you to your localhost page)

I guess its the same for wamp (not 100% sure because i have never used wamp)

If the above link fails try this:

* open wamp controlcenter (right click
* there should be a button ( or anything like that) in the little menu stating "localhost"
* click it, normally your browser will open up the wamp/localhost page.
* look down there should be a link to Project-Pier there.

for more detailed information check ourt this link:

Hope this helps.