Downloading files


I am a new user of project pier and loving it but there are a couple of niggles I am having at the moment:

First and foremost when I download files I have added previously they do not open up correctly. I have tried various file types and the problem is consistent. The word/documents seem to be corrupted in the upload/download process.

Also, there is a 2MB file upload limit set. This is far from adequate. Is it PP that is putting this limit or my Web Host.

Can anyone help with both these issues?


2MB is set ny your PHP and hoster.

Many thanks for your response. You have to forgive me because I am not a programmer but I have checked the suggested directory: /PP/public/application/controllers/ for the file: filecontrollers.class.php. and I don't appear to have it in this directory. Maybe this is the problem.

Also, I am not sure what you mean by: php and host controls 2MB limit. I don't wish to trouble too much but could you be more specific?

Many thanks,


Thanks for that feedback. I have made the amendments suggested and I am still getting issues. I have shown the error page I get below:

FastCGI Error
The FastCGI Handler was unable to process the request.
Error Details:
The FastCGI process exceeded configured request timeout
Error Number: 995 (0x800703e3).
Error Description: The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request.
HTTP Error 500 - Server Error.
Internet Information Services (IIS)

Have you any further suggestions? I am still getting a message on the PP Files upload page that my limit is 2MB. Any further assistance would be appreciated.

On a slightly different problem, but it could be related, I have a problem adding revisions of files. I haven't checked the forum for issues like this but I thought it worth mentioning. See below for the details:

We are sorry, but ProjectPier is not currently able to execute your request. An Error Report has been sent to the administrator.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, meant to respond over a week ago :(

I was assuming you were using Apache for your webserver, from the details it looks like your using IIS on Windows? To my (limited) knowledge I don't think IIS uses the .htaccess files that Apache does. You'll need to look through their documentation to find what settings (in a control panel interface I'd bet) would correlate to those I mentioned.

OR change your php.ini (though that'll be for all sites? I haven't touched IIS for about a decade :( sorry )