Database error that prevents login AFTER installation


Good evening,

I just installed PP in my local machine - everything's working smoothly.

I tried to do the same steps in my server; the test passes, and the database gets created, but when I try to login, this happens:

We are sorry, but ProjectPier failed to connect to the database. Error report has been sent to the administrator so problem should be resolved soon.

I don't think that the database values are wrong, because the tables actually got created. The user can connect to the database (with localhost and % host) and execute queries. It has all the permissions.

It happens with both 0.8.6 and 0.8.8A2.

Any thoughts?

Is your server a hosting company account, or something you administer?

It's a dedicated server.

After a couple of hours, I realized that the problem was that mysql_pconnect() was disabled. I could verify that through the logs. Also, mysqli.enable.pconnect was OFF; is this a problem? Does PP work with/without MySQLi?

It's weird for me tho, because the database was populated (with tables and records).

I apologize for the silly question.

It doesn't use MySQLi.

I'll keep that pconnect error in mind, and if I ever figure out what should be done to avoid that error, I'll put in a fix.