Unable to log in


I downloaded and installed Project Pier quite some time ago but haven't got around to using it. I am now in a position where I would like to use it but don't seem able to log in. When I initially installed it I set up a client and I can log in as them but just not as myself. When I click on forgotten password I receive an email telling me that my password has been resetn and that my new password is '******' but I am still unable to log in. Does anybody know how to assist me?

I look forward to some advices.

Why not reinstall?

Hi phpfreak,
I would love to reinstall Project Pier as I'm sure it's improved further from when I initially installed it but unfortunately I don't have the necessary skills. I installed it in the wrong place when I first installed it and have been too scared to try and move it, let alone remove it and reinstall it. I meant to install it here --> http://clients.somerstime.co.uk but actually ended up with it here http://clients.somerstime.co.uk/pp086/. Do you know anyone with the necessary skills who could remove the original and replace with a new download? I have a very limited budget. I know I could go to ODesk but thought I might as well ask here first ;)

I visited the links you posted and it seems that PP is not yet fully installed.

To complete the instalation i think it is best you read the guide/manual. ( http://www.projectpier.org/manual/installation/ )

As far as I can see you can install PP on the desired page ( http://clients.somerstime.co.uk/ ), since i could start the installation untill i had to fill in the passwords and such.

If you have read the guide and do not understand something, just ask your question(s) here and we will help you out as good as possible.

ps: i attached some pictures, you can try to follow the pictures alongside the manual


PP-installation1.PNG 35.98 KB
PP-installation2.PNG 25.56 KB
PP-installation3.PNG 38.4 KB