moving a task to another task list

So I don't see any way to move a task to a different task list.
Seems pretty basic and very useful.
Is this coming...?

How fast do you need it?

Wow, quick reply...are you serious?
First, thanks for your dedication and hard work, I love what you've done.

I am going to reference the post by nabab found at
These are excellent suggestions and ones that get my vote.

I am excited to have found Project Pier and would love to see you keep the simplicity and begin to focus primarily on smoothing out cutter, especially by applying more jquery to the task interface.
I think adding additional features is secondary to enhancing the current ones.
I use this system not just to keep me focused, but as a way to give my clients specific tasks to perform to keep their projects on track, so making this very user friendly is critical.
Tasks are the heart of the system for me and they should be the first priority in program development to make them easy to find, read, organize, prioritize, filter, move, complete, etc.
For a good example of a nice task interface look at

A Votebox styled feature request system would be a great addition to this project. Here's one...

After this, the next step might be making it easier for the admin to customize the theme to achieve the look he needs.
To facilitate this you could look at adding a few more css classes to your code, especially unique classes to the body tag for each view (perhaps something right out of the url query string), so we can target styles more precisely.

Additional step for development would be to allow function overrides and basic templates so installers do not have to hack the core. This will also allow you to commit more updates, knowing people will happily embrace them without losing their changes.

I would love to help with this project but I wouldn't know how to otherwise contribute.

Hi Garyg,

Your view on the system is quite similar to how I see ProjectPier, and I've done some initial work on this, but I don't have a lot of motivation to work on it compared to other projects. I don't have clients using the system at the moment, perhaps because the system is not ready, or perhaps because I don't choose what system my company and its clients use.

So stay tuned to the releases, or you can even follow the work I do at on the UI.

Thanks for the link to Wedoist. I was quite surprised to see how similar the UI is to that of Basecamp. They've basically copied basecamp's UI on a bunch of elements.

When I go to edit a task, I am able to assign it to another task list.