Misc issues (Timetracking, roadmap, overview page)

First off all the kind of Projectmanagement done in Projectpier, activeCollab, Basecamp is exactly what I am looking for. But I have some issues which I know are already discussed here in some Points, but anyway.

Since PP is some kind of Basecamp Clone I wonder if the development continues to lean on the functionality of Basecamp? Since Basecamp is far more ahead, and probably will to continue to do so, I think it would be a great “Roadmap” for PP.

We in our company would need a Timetracking system. I read at the ac Forums that Basejumpr has already developed some sort of Timetracking. So I wonder how fast it could make it into PP. Apart from that I would like to see a feature to set an amount of time in each task in the Task list. So after the task is finished you can see how much time was spend next to the estimated Time.

Another thing I miss is an overview page just for the purpose of general Information in one Project. This would be great if it was in a Wiki Style fashion.

Thanks and I hope I don’t bother to much with the timetracking :-)

Thanks for your compliments :-)

IMHO ProjectPier is - like aC - somewhat inspired by BC but as far as it affects me, it is not the goal to replicate a commercial product as OSS. This is IMHO the biggest mistake Open Office does, so they will not get new users/customers because they will not have any innovative features - they are building the better mousetrap.

Regarding PP I expect an own feature and development set. It is true that there are smart people working for 37s but there are some things I don't quite get or wish to see in PP (like an overall project wiki for example). So let's collect suggestions and developers and we will see in which direction we will go.

- Roland

PS: I didn't get the idea of an overview page per project. You can add general project information in the project description and write some messages explaining your project goals and other project related information. If you tag them with something like "general info" you can find these messages easily.
If we get folders for messages in a future release you can add a new folder for general info and put all messages in there.