Installation redirection not working when on subfolder

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hi there...

you asked us to record all bugs found but I can't be sure how buggy is this:

1) environment is windows server, IIS and PHP as CGI
2) files were copied to subfolder:
3) all install requirements were met and installation was smooth, including database tables' creation
4) upon filling the last form about company information, I'm wrongly redirected to my root URL: instead of

well. any progress I'll be posting here, but I'd appreciate any help, just in case.


I was able to finish installation by manually inserting the missing subdirectory text into the URL and filling in the form again.

so I went to URL and typed: and was able to complete it, but I guess one shouldn't have to do that, right?


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Interesting. I will investigate.


hey mate...

there's something else worth noting: I can't create new projects as it states "You don't have permission to access the requested page". I'm using the account I created on that installation step (mentioned in this issue). that's the only page where it happens, so far.

the page is

any other help I can give, just tell me. I thank you a lot for the initiative.

* update: if I create another user and give it admin rights, it can create projects.