API or the like

I am not sure what/where the discussion on the future of ProjectPier and if this has even been a focus as of yet, but I think that an API or the like should be the first thing developed for ProjectPier.

If an API doesn't seem feasible then maybe a Hook and Anchor design pattern should be implemented (similar to vBulletin's hook manager). Then again the package manager system found in SMF [here] and other applications would be useful.

Basically I think that in order to allow for ProjectPier to grow and enhancements to take place these should be developed so that we don't have to go line hunting and worry about updates.

On a side note I would like and will be available to help in the production of this if needed.

I completely agree. At some point, a usable API would be extremely nice, particularly as it would allow a significantly greater number of features through plug ins that do not clutter up the core.

I have been quite enamored of the WordPress plug in system (which appears essentially like the Hook and Anchor pattern described above).

In particular the concept of adding a page tab and adding an admin section are extremely useful.

I am also available to help with this work

~ Christopher

I assume this email I received will apply to you as well. :)


Sorry for taking awhile to get back to you, I wanted to point you in
the direction of the development mailing list

http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=195833 where there is currently
some discussion about the structure of the code and an api/plugin

I have also started a draft version of the development documentation
on the website
http://projectpier.org/node/364 and posted some generated reference
Let me know if you have any more questions, and feel free to post them
on the development list. Thanks for your help.



*Bold is mine.


Hope Chris doesn't mind me speaking for him - but he is already on the mailing list and was the one that started a post about the API/Plugin architecture. Glad to see you jumping in! =)