Change localhost to computer (domain) name



First of all I want to thank all the that made this Project, a very good "Project Management" software, good job.

Now about my issue, I receive notifications on my e-mail like this:

"View assigned task:

I need the computer name (domain name) to be instead of "localhost" how to change this ?

Thank you.

1) Change the templates in applications/views/notifier
2) Change the function externalUrl in environment/functions/general.php
3) Change your web server settings such that $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] gives the name you want

Solved by changing the "ServerName" parameter in Apache (httpd.conf).

You did option 3. I was not sure if you were in control of the web server.


If you're using a Windows computer, you can edit the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Note that the hosts file does not have a file ending. Just open it in Notepad and add the following in a new line:       Computer-Name

Now when you type Computer-Name in a web browser the site will show up. Others on the network should be able to surf your computer by LAN IP address only. If you want others to be able to surf your computer across the network, you will need a DNS server. You might be able to find a open source Windows based DNS server online.


I want the other computers in the same LAN to access my machine using the name of the site e.g mysite that i provide in the host file of my machine(server). Can I achieve that? I know that by adding my ip and 'mysite' in the host files of client machines; I can do it. I don't want the client machines to change their hostfiles. Can you tell me how to do it?

Using the Host file only works for the computer that's using that host file. To have the entire network resolve the IPs to a hostname, you'll need a domain naming server (DNS). I haven't messed around with any servers recently, so I don't know what's available out there. I think you can probably find some simple DNS software out there, but back in the days, I usually use BIND on Linux. I think you can find BIND for Windows now, but I'm not sure.