gantt chart questions


So I am using Project Pier for management of my capstone software class project.
My question right now has to do with the Gantt chart. Is it able to be edited? like in size? Right now it is just shrinking everything to get crammed into the window screen.

Also after linking a milestone to a task list the milestone moves down to the task list. But there is the same milestone without the task list at the top. Basically there are two milestones and I want to only keep the milestone with the tasks list linked to it.

Gantt chart is not sizable. I need to work on that.

Milestone can be parent to multiple task lists. Hence, show milestone alone and when attached to task list. Maybe it is good idea to show all items depending on milestone in list under milestone (task lists, tickets).

Hello phpfreak,

I found to sites that have gantt chart libraries that might work good for charts.

This is the first one it is more feature rich and complete compared to the second one I will show but I am not sure how the licensing works it says its GPL-licensed

This one has potential but would need alot of work just to get the funcitonality we would need.