AutoLoader Exception problem *resolved*


I have been having trouble after the installation. I've been trying to root around and debug for 3 days now with no luck. I was able to install successfully, and I was able to set up an admin account, but after I set up the admin account and it tries to go to the login page I get the following error:

Caught Exception in AutoLoader: exception 'Exception' with message 'Could not find class file for "VERSIONSFEEDDOWNLOADLINK"' in /home/5787/domains/ Stack trace: #0
... etc.

To see the full error visit

Any help would be very greatly appreciated. Thank you.

When I look at that page I see that:

"Installation error: in order to run ProjectPier you need PHP5. Your current PHP version is: 4.4.7"


I was reinstalling and my server reverted back to PHP 4.
It is now running PHP 5 now and the aforementioned error has returned.

If you already did sorry for being obvious, but the error indicates that a file is missing, so maybe it was an FTP error?

I've re-uploaded and re-installed 6 times now. I was using FireFTP and I thought it was truncating my files so the last install was done using FileZilla, but nothing changed.
All the files are there; perhaps the system doesn't understand my server's file structure and is looking in the wrong directory?

I have a working activeCollab 0.7.1 on the same server, different domain. So it's all very perplexing. I even tried installing aC again but it produces the same results. I'm fairly certain it has something to do with either my server settings or directory setup, but I can't for the life of me think of what I need to change to correct the problem.

I just want to confirm something: you're saying the new installation of aC produces the same results. I suppose you mean that it gives you the same error as the ProjectPier install, right? not that it works like the other aC install.

You think it might be the directory setup but does the place where it looks for the file make sense?
Does this folder exist and is it where your files are?


Everyone has access to read and execute. Owner and Group have ability to write. Same as my working activeCollab setup except I gave group write permission on Project Pier.

The file is located at:
as it should be.

Thanks for your thoughts.
I uploaded the entire package in one go, so the file structure is the same as when I downloaded it. So you can start to see why I'm so confused at this brokenness when it appears as if everything is in order.

I think it's hopeless...because it doesn't make any sense.


don't loose hope - if you have a working version on the same server then it has to be a settings issue. If you want to contact me directly and give me access to your server, I will take a look and see what the issue might be. I wouldn't normally do this, but it sounds like it should be something obvious, so I'm willing to provide fresh eyes. 

I knew the problem was some little finicky thing that I was overlooking but just couldn't find it. What is now a few weeks later I decided to try one more fresh install. Viola, the problem fixed itself. The only difference between this install and all the others is that I deleted the whole sub-domain folder on my server. It appears as if the server got tied up somewhere and I needed to clean that area of the site completely.

Thanks all for your suggestions and offers to help out.

I have the same problem after first login.
I have uploaded new version few times - nothing.


Sounds odd, but as per the other user, try using a different named sub directory