Overview Page Width/Events Table



I am using the default Marine them and the Overview page is showing a little differently than some of the screen shots I am seeing. The Events table is showing some sort of color for each row and the width doesn't seem to be scaling as it should. A link to a screen shot is below. Sorry if this has been addressed already, I looked through the forums but may have missed it.


Thank you for any help


The row color is dependent on the age of the entry in the log. Today is green, yesterday is blue, older is gray.

We moved away from autoresizing columns as it gave some weird results. Do you really want it back? I can give you the fix for that. You just would need to replace a file with a new one.

Note: It was not addressed earlier ;-)

Thank you for the quick reply! Ah, I understand the color coding now - is there a way to remove that feature? I'd like to see what it looks like with out it.

I'd like to check out the autoresizing if you don't mind sending me the file :)

1) Rename public/assets/themes/marine/stylesheets/application_logs.css (e.g. add .original)
2) Create a new file called public/assets/themes/marine/stylesheets/application_logs.css
3) Put the following in public/assets/themes/marine/stylesheets/application_logs.css

table.applicationLogs  {
font-size: 1em;
table-layout: auto;

4) Force refresh your browser when the Dashboard is shown to reload stylesheets

Dashboard log has all colors removed, even the color coding of the type of actions and the table is autosized.


its not exacly a reply to this question but I have a problem with the color bars in Dashboard too. I dont want to remove them, but I want them to show of in the german-language login.

If im loggin in with language english the bars are shown, but if im loggin in with option "German" then they are gone. Could you please give me a hint how I can solve that problem?

Thanks for help and sorry if its not the right place for asking, im really new to this.