Unable to add projects 088 SP2


With 088 SP2, I'm no longer able to add new projects.

despite my id being listed as administrator, and actually being the only account on the server, when I try to add a project. I get: You don't have the permission to view the requested page.

Any idea what could be causing this? I did run the sql update when I installed sp2.

Should I do a fresh install? There's nothing there as of yet anyway.


Check if your user account and see if you have the Can Manage Projects option turned on.

When I go to Edit permissions on my account, I don't see that option.
the options also go way passed the page though... Like they should have been vertical, but ended up horizontal.


I wrote 'go to your user account' not permissions.
Under User Account you will find 4 options available for Administrators:

- auto assign
- can manage projects

very good.

thanks for you help.
I was getting confused because I was editing the contact, and not the user account and was enable to see the option...

I had to edit the contact and then edit the user account from within the contact.

Works now.

I also found that setting a little bit confusing to find. It really should reside near the user permissions as well (for the admin account, at least). I finally found it at:
Administration >> Company >> Edit User Account (for the user, Me, which I wanted make manage projects.)

When I click that Administration >> Company >> Edit User Account, I just get an error and "We are sorry, but ProjectPier is not currently able to execute your request. An Error Report has been sent to the administrator."

I had the same issue. That error message is kind of vague and I received no such error report sent to me :(.

However it worked for me after following the following instructions:
Note: I noticed similar errors as stated below when I went into Tools >> Browse System Log .. and clicked on first page. The error log is weird though and sometimes shows blank unless you click on "First Page". It is not really truly paginated as it shows Page 4096 for me, but there is only one page no matter how many times I click next or previous, there are no other errors.

If you get the error 'first_name not in the field list' when adding a contact you need to run the following patch as well: http://YOUR-SITE.com/public/patch/patch.php?id=3142-contact-fields

The above instructions are found at:

Thank you for posting this. I had followed all the previous directions but had overlooked this particular patch URL. Completely fixed my problem.