Help needed

Hey, I am really sorry that I am working so slow. I am working on the contact integration to Google contacts.
Can anyone help me with OAuth requests. I mean if some one has some basic code ready, it will make my work easier as I have never used OAuth before.

Also I was wondering, if we should allow a person to download vcf file of a single contact. I mean, if you open my profile. Should we add an option to download my vcf card?

It would be cool if your plug-in could export and import from/to google contacts.
They must have an API for that.
Go check it out.

I did find Google Contacts. But for that I need to make OAuth requests. I have never tried them and hence was wondering if someone could give me a demo code or something

There is an extension to php that supports OAuth. It was written by John Jawed. An example can be found here and a walkthrough is also available. This pecl package is considered the de facto standard by Rasmus Lerdorf.
Andy Smith has written a basic php library for OAuth.
Cal Henderson has contributed a simple OAuth library that primarily handles signing.
http_OAuth is a pear package developed by Jeff Hodsdon and Bill Shupp (Digg). You can try it out using this tool.
There is now an OAuth component for CakePHP.
Justin Richer has developed a plugin for the Elgg social networking platform, based on the basic PHP library. This library allows Elgg to act as both an OAuth client (to access other services) and server (allowing OAuth-protected access to the Elgg API). The library supports both version 1.0 and revision 1.0a simultaneously. Documentation can be found on the Elgg wiki.
Zend_OAuth was contributed by Pádraic Brady. The source code can be found here.