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We use Project Pier to manage some project that not have a real end but only to track activity and time on a specific customer. We add time in a random way not in ordered day-by-day way and, when we look for time consumption we don't have the ability to order by date the time consumption and look if we don't have added activity for a particular day or for find activity for a specific day (the only method is to search every page in time section).

There is any modification (configuration) i can do for "order by date" the time? or can you add this feature? (the best can be that the time can be ordered "by default" and users can order for all voice in the time section)

thank you!

Version:0.8.6-stable» 0.8.8-stable

wrong version. The correct version is: 0.8.8-stable. edited.

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The time records are by default ordered by creation date in descending order (newest first). So I am confused by that part of your request.

If you want to see more records on 1 page, there is a simple thing you can do. Edit file application/plugins/time/controllers/TimeController.php and change line 46 from this:

        config_option('messages_per_page', 10),

to this


Now it will show 50 records on 1 page.


Confusion on date has ended ;-)

Same file, change line 44 from

          'order' => '`created_on` DESC'


          'order' => '`done_date` DESC'

I am working on a download function as well as PDF. Should help too.


Ok i have edited the code and now time has order by due time and not only creation time!

I think that you can add an "order by" : due date, creation... no?

Thank you!!!

p.s. sorry for delay :)