Can't change timezone


Having an interesting (annoying) problem here:

I'm trying to change the timezone for users in my PP set up from GMT to Eastern Time. When I click the "Edit user account" button on the edit user account page I get the message "User [name goes here] has been updated successfully", however when I check the user, the change doesn't actually get made.

If it helps I'm running ProjectPier 0.8.8 stable and have followed upload instructions including uploading Service Pack 2.

I have looked around the forum and haven't seen any one else having this issues. Any clues on how I could get started trying to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated.

im having the exact same issue and i cant find a solution, also i dont even know where the mysql querys are stored in the code. anyone can help????

I installed ProjectPier this morning on one of my Linux servers and also could not update the timezone for a user.

My solution was to use phpMyAdmin and edit the timezone field in the contacts table manually.

The timezone filed defaults to 0.00, which is GMT. For the Los Angeles area with daylight savings time I entered -7.00 and now all the times are correct.

This appears to be a bug.

+1...having the same issue



I'm having the same issue. I also can't convert a contact to a user.

Try again but do not set permissions for the user. Go back in after you created the user.
Let us know if it worked for you.

Having the same problem. Project|Pier is still alive, yes?

PP is still very much alive, do not worry.
As for a solution...I can't help you much. On my installation it worked out of the box...
Are you sure all requirements are met to run PP?
PP is fully patched up to SP1 and then SP2?

I have just tested this and confirmed that I have the same problem on a new installation of PP 0.8.8 SP2. Here is what needs to be done:

1) Check existing bugtracker issues to see if this has already been reported. If is has, add a comment here linking to it.
2) Check github commits since SP2 to make sure this has not already been fixed. If it has, add a comment here linking to it.
3) If neither 1 nor 2, then file a new bug report, be sure to link back to this node.


I can confirm that I have the same issue, if you manually go into the database and update the timezone field it works, there is a problem when setting the value of the dropdownlist back into the database, I will attempt to fix and post the details if I do so!

I had the same problem and found out that whenever you create the company with a timezone, every users in that company will stick with that timezone even you change it from the drop down menu.

Solution is go to database, change the timezone of the company and all the users' timezone will be changed automatically.

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My database shows "5.50" as timezone value, but still not reflecting at the front end... I am in GMT+5.50 time standards.
Any Help in this regard would be appreciated.


I would suggest you put "+5.5" instead.

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you mean to say "+5.5"(include the "+" sign in the value) as a value in the timezone, i tried but of no use.


Did you change the timezone of the database in the table "pp088_contacts"? It is the only effective change that can reflect on the front-end that I know.

My timezone is Central US so it's "-6.00" right now and it works.

Try again.
Good luck