Gantt chart or Mindmap not working


I recently installed PP 0.8.8 on a Ubuntu 12.04 server. I have enabled the Reports plugin. However, the Gantt chart or the Mindmap do not get displayed. I checked the directory and jpgraph/src is present in %ProjectPier_home%/application/plugins/reports/library.
I even installed a newer version of jpgraph and tried it, but does not seem to be working. Tried an example of jpgraph and it plots the graph properly.

I have the same problem, this comment is just to link to an open bug tracker item:


I just installed it last night and saw the error in this has to do with a parameter 1 being passed by reference on line 297 of


To fix this, I assigned the expression within the epure function call to a variable, and then used that in the function. E.g.

$kt_tl_var = 'tl:' . $task_list_name;

and the mind map works now.

Nice work kamili,
Can it be that there is a $ missing on your second line?

I tried your fix by changing:



$kt_tl_var = 'tl:' . $task_list_name;

And now it works! Well done and thanks a lot!
pull request has been made on Github

Yes engelbert. I forgot to add the $ in my response. Thx.

Dear engelbert & kamili,

I have the exact same trouble with Gantt charts. The fix mentioned simply cured the Mindmap detail. But I'm still looking for a fix on Gantt chart detail.

I still cannot get an image for the Gantt chart option. I'm currently using the up-to-date version of ProjectPier on a CentOS 6 environment. GD and jpgraph packages are installed.

Any suggestions?


I have none for now, but I suggest you keep checking every once in a while since this is a pretty important feature, I guess it should get fixed rather soon.

I fixed my Gantt chart by disabling xcache

I used the notes above to fix Mind Map.
I used the following steps to fix Gantt charts:

When my host Rackspace upgraded to php version 5.3.14 the Gantt charts no longer displayed.

I thought maybe the problem was the gantt chart plug in was not compatible with php 5.x.
So I went to and apparently there is a newer version of JPGraph (3.5.x) than the one that is included in the pp 0.8.8 install (be it original, sp1, or sp2)
Being a non-programmer, I immediately decided I needed install this package on top of the existing on in /application/plugins/reports/library/jpgraph/src ... just to see what would happen. However still no Gantt chart so I reverted the files back to a clean pp 0.8.8 sp2 configuration.

I noted the error I was getting referred to not finding the logger class... so I searched on that and found this post on a related software project where Jennifer C suggests turning off xcache or eaccelerator. I thought this might help with PP as I seemed to recall these two projects shared a common root back in the day.

In the above link, Jennifer C writes you should look for these in the phpinfo() file and provides this code to turn it off via .htaccess. I am repeating this here in case that link should go away:


Create (or have your web hosting provider create) a .htaccess file in your main directory with the following in it:

php_flag xcache.cacher Off
php_flag xcache.size 0
php_flag xcache.stat Off


Create (or have your web hosting provider create) a .htaccess file in your main directory with the following in it:

php_flag eaccelerator.enable 0
php_flag eaccelerator.optimizer 0

In my case I had xcache, and, since I cannot edit the phpinfo directly, I used the statements above to modify the .htaccess file which did restore the Gantt charts. Yea!

FWIW the text in the charts still looks funky (but it did before this problem arose so that's not new), and I plan to install and configure a version of JPGraph which says it supports php 5.1.x and I note it has more font configurations in its config file. Fingers crossed.

Both tips worked like a charm for Gantt Charts and Mindmaps, thank you!

Problem with $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']

After setting up PP successfully on my home server to see if it fit my needs. It very much did so I then needed to install it on a remote host. Gantt and Mindmap had work at home yet not on the remote. Checking the system log, I found Undefined index: HTTP_HOST in ..../general.php' on line 519 (error code: 8) .Turns out the remote server was not providing $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']. Odd but true [checked phpinfo() ]

I modded line 519 of general php to return the HOST;
Original line 519:
return $protocol . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . $relative_url;
Modded to:
return $protocol . '' . $relative_url;

This was in no way a problem with PP. It is strictly a workaround for a lousy server.
I offer this info should users have the same problem with a lame remote server.

Hi there,

I did everything that I saw here, but still I have memcache installed.
The MindMap is ok, but I can't get the gantt chart.
Any ideas?

I also have 13802988 pages with errors like this:
ERROR: Error: Array to string conversion in '/.../environment/classes/dataaccess/DataManager.class.php' on line 252 (error code: 8)
Any ideas for this one?