Hosting editable but not downloadable Excelsheets.

Hi folks!

Ik have developed several Excel sheets. They function for example as easy to use tool for my customers to create quotations to their customers. In this case, all they have to do is add a small amount of data and they can print out great looking (PDF) quotes without any mistakes.

Ik would like to host these Excels online, let's say similar to Google Docs. The customers should be able to use them online and print out the result as PDF, but not to download them.
It would be great if I can have a folder with Excels and select which user has access to certain relevant Excels. This access would eventually be granted automatically based on profiles.

My thoughts are that the structure of Project Pier is perfect for this concept.
If anyone knows of existing solutions for my idea, a link to there would be highly appreciated.

I don't know any way of giving access to use an Excel file without downloading it. It must be downloaded before the user can open the file because Excel cannot open a file it does not have. Make sense? Yes, you could use ProjectPier to create different projects for each customer and give that customer access to only their project. With their project enable the "files" plug-in and upload your spreadsheet. The customer will be able to download the spreadsheet, there is no stopping this. They will also be able to upload new files including new versions of the spreadsheet. ProjectPier retains information about the versions of a file, so you would know if a new version had been uploaded. If that is acceptable, then ProjectPier is for you.

Hi Jon,

Thank you very much for your feedback.
Obviously you are right. Excel needs the real file in order to open it. What I have in mind is something like this:

Google Drive has Excel online. The sheets would open in the cloud based Excel version of Google Docs. Usually the file can be downloaded in order to open it in your offline Excel program. That download option should be disabled to make my plan work.
Google has at the bottom of the page also Apps Scripts available. Maybe this would allow programmers to adjust some features?

Even without this function I think Project Pier is quite useful to me. Just trying to make the world perfect :)


It seems like Fusion tables could be the thing:

The owner of the tables can prevent users from downloading selected data and for programmers there is instantly an API available to connect the hosted Fusion Tables to, let's say, Project Pier.

What do you think? Is it realizable?

I see, but it looks like Fusion tables is just about data visualization. That doesn't seem compatible with the quote form you described.

Hi Jon,

I will try to find the right solution online. If I find it and still need it to be implemented, I will place a concrete request.
Thanks so far for your feedback.