File Permissions & Multiple File Upload



I've just had Project Pier installed and I would like to use this for my clients to view their files. The problems starts due to clients on wanting to see specific files and the fact they may have 100 files and 100 users and each user is only allowed to see their one file.

One problem I have is that I would like to be able to upload more than one file at a time. Is this possible? Uploading 100+ files one by one is a real pain and time consuming.

Also, currently it would seem that I can only restrict permissions to a project. What I would like to be able to do is restrict users to see certain folders and certain files. Currently, one client has 25 businesses. I have had to create a project for each business and a user for each business. Ideally, I would create one client, one project, one folder, add the files to the folder and then restrict users to either be able to see the whole folder or restrict another user to only see one file within the folder.

Are either of these functions achievable?

I'm wondering if perhaps PP isn't the correct software for what I want to achieve?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


ProjectPier is not the correct software for the scenario you described.

I had a funny feeling it wouldn't be...

Without taking anything away from PP, what software would give me a solution I'm after?

Many thanks
Stuart and would be appropriate I would think.