Can't upload any files


When I click the "Upload file" button, nothing happens, no error code, nothing. I'm using the file system for storing files. Is there any solution or workaround? Thanks!

Seems that the upload isn't working if the file has no extension .. I tried to upload a text file without extension, and nothing happened. Then I tried a PDF with extension and at least I'm getting an error message now (Failed to create folder '/www/htdocs/xtranet/upload/a43e6/056f5/3bf19'); and that could be fixed with the workaround posted elsewhere here in the forum ;)

Are there any restrictions on which files to uplaod? PDF worked well but right now I'm trying to upload an OmniOutliner file (*.oo3) and again nothing happens at all when clicking the "Upload file" button ... any hints? Thanks!

I'm not sure why you're having some of these issues, but I do know that *.oo3 files are actually osx bundles. Which means that they are actually special folders with multiple files inside, and this would obviously be a problem.

Are you having these issues with a clean install of pp? or is this an upgrade/migrated install?

It's a clean install with a newly created project. However, I applied a workaround given in the forum to make the file upload possible (mk_dir something..) and also another hack to get ProjectPier running at all (not using InnoDB, see here:

So, are you saying that by applying the workaround that your uploads now work? If not, please let me know if you're using filesystem storage or db storage. Also, see if there is a problem with either apache or php's timeout length.

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