New Object Type: Links

It would be tremendously helpful to have Links as an object similar to Files and Messages. For instance, I have a PP site that refers to a prototype that the team is working on. I put a link to the prototype in a message and marked it important so that it would be easy to find. But it would be nice to just have the link in the sidebar in a Links section, not unlike a blogroll.

Another use for Links would be for documents that aren't tracked in PP. Our team has a lot of existing documents hosted on Google Docs, so it would be nice to have them listed in the files section, but linked out to GD.

Please consider adding Links functions to PP!

As I said twice...
Again, thanks to all contributors.

Hey there,

A patch for a ProjectPier plugin system currently includes this addon, so it shouldn't (hopefully) be too soon before this is implemented in the system


this would be great to have them as nav elements on on a vertical nav on the right, and maybe even as objects that get their own page which lists a collection of links.