Introduction of Invoicing/Billing

I have made a start on an Invoicing component and would like some general use feedback from other PP users.

At the moment, invoices can be created within the scope of a project. An invoice can contain 'completed' items with a monetary value attached. Clients may view, print and even pay for an invoice online. Unlimited numbers of invoices may be created and or set as recurring. An invoice may only contain completed items once per invoice but multiple invoices may contain the same completed item.

1) What do you use as your basic structure/layout within a Project; Milestones or Task Lists? (I ask this because I personally use Task Lists and don't use Milestones at all)

2) Based on answer to question 1, what would be the best type of completed item to add to invoices; Milestones, Task Lists, Tasks, Messages (a-la Freshbooks) etc. I don't use/need time tracking but this could also be factored in.

I would welcome any other feedback and questions on invoicing/billing within PP.

Regards MB

I am working in a global consulting company and typically we do have two types of projects/invoice times: based on time and materials and on milestone completion.

So we are tracking our time in various formats (depending on the clients requirements) from XLS to our internal SAP system. PP time tracking might replace one of the smaller ways and then invoicing based on that info would be helpful.

We normally do not bill based on tasks when a milestone is not completed.

I say go for it if you have the energy.

I'm actually interested in tying ppier into freshbooks.

dydimustk, do you mean using the Freshbooks API to draw info into PP or the other way around (export from PP in some format to pull into Freshbooks)?

I have an account with Freshbooks and have played a little with their API. Their system is almost exactly what I need except for document storage limits to distribute and collect client files.

What I don't want (anymore) is multiple systems for clients to log into and the addition of invoicing to PP means just this; for my situation and needs anyway.

@activeingredient did you make any progress on this? I just installed PP for the today and am checking it out. Invoicing would be really great to have in this.

Jeremy Douglas Media Design | Twitter

The bones of an internal invoicing system are sitting here still, waiting for some spare development time. I have also been playing with the API for AcuInvoice and have some basics in place for that as well.

Currently I use a plugin for PP that adds an extra tab to each project and I add links to invoices created in an accounting program. It is a modified version of the links plugin.

The next bit of time I get to work on this will probably be the AcuInvoice plugin.

Cool, I'd be interested in hearing what others use for invoicing. Currently I'm just using iBiz on my local system and emailing pdf's. I 'spose for the projects I manage now in PP I could just post a message with the invoicing there.

It would be nice to have an integrated system somehow. What are others using?

Jeremy Douglas Media Design | Twitter

I'm just starting with PP and really want to have integrated invoicing/billing. I'd say that really, it would be nice to be able to tie an invoice to anything (for me it would typically be milestones).

If it's not ready, is there anything anyone can do to help speed things up? I'm happy to beta test.

Great idea! Invoicing/billing would be a great asset to add to ProjectPier, not only to bill clients, but it would also be great to be able to track expenditures on a per project base.

As to your questions, I believe:

*1* I use Milestones and track tasks lists of these. Most my projects are composed of very different milestones (design then develop), and each of these are divided by several different tasks

*2* Invoices and Billing would be most helpful if not necessarily tied to a milestone or task, but rather a service or product. To tie these by milestone or task might perhaps be helpful for a user who bills hourly, but not for someone who bills on a per project basis.
Ideally the user will have the ability to chose whether or not to tie a billing item to a milestone or task

I appreciate very much your initiative, and please do let me know if there's anything I can help with.



I agree, great idea! if it tacks expenditure even better!!! but in my instance, the task has hours of work that need to be billed, I would use the milestone to trigger the invoice? Create an invoice milestone, and assign tasks to it.

so is this plugin / patch available yet?

What needs to be done to complete this addition to ProjectPier, cause I'm +1

I agree. I'd love to have invoicing and time tracking added to PP. I am considering hiring a developer to upgrade PP. I just need to see what the next PP version will already have..

I think it's great that you are willing to hire a developer to make enhancements to ProjectPier! Documentation for the developer can be found at (, such as coding standards and how to submit the new features back to the project as a patch.

Everything that is currently planned can be found on the roadmap ( Unfortunately that roadmap only covers the next release, no planning beyond that has been documented yet. I would encourage you to search before having any code written as there have been a lot of patches already written that might satisfy some of your requirements. These will eventually be evaluated and considered for inclusion into the core, but there are more patches than there is time to review and test them.

I'd love to hear more about the features you are planning, if you are willing to discuss them publicly on the forums you may get valuable input from users on how to create the features so that they suit both your needs and the needs of the greater user community.


I realize it may be too late already, but I really urge you not to get into an invoicing module. It's been my experience that this is the death of PM software - it is the line that is crossed that makes it cumbersome and overkill. Invoicing is done by Accounting Software. It has nothing to do with project management. Some time keeping might be nice - Ie how long did this task take, and how long total for this milestone, etc.

There is still a lot that needs to be done to the core of PP. Such as:

- A better default design. How about one of the submitted themes. The default one is a turn off (sorry to be blunt but I didn't realize how nice PP was until I tried some of the other themes).
- Allow tasks to have titles AND contents.
- Commenting on tasks (there is a mod for this - I'd like it to be part of the core).
- Allow milestones to have no due date/unspecified.
- Progress bar/percent complete on tasks/milestones.

Anyway, it is truly a waste of your time to work on an invoicing module - who are these companies that are not using accounting software!?!

Hello there!

just installed projectpier; first impression: a very nice piece of functional software. I also noticed no invoicing module. I then logged in this forum

I think I totally disgree with the view just above. It can have a point but not in my business. I am from the construction industry where invoicing and PM go tightly together. The project manager needs to have a constant and detailed view of where the project is: what costs have been incurred, what work has been done. The respecitve budgeted figures.

Small SMEs in construction (that is the ~95%) may not really have any accounting software; they outsource this to an accountant that has typically no idea of PM.

I think PP needs an invoicing module urgently; to make it useful to business cases like the one i have in mind

We plan to work a bit on the software to add some functionality making it useful to the construction sector. There are things like quotations, rfqs that need be modelled. And a lot more. Not to mention a construction relevant theme

We first need to understand where things are: what about the new release? If only some admin can give us an idea about the plan for releasing an invoicing module which is the basis for a lot of the rest we have in mind

thanks a lot!


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Project pier is project management software, not invoicing software.

Obviously you could extend the core software but that is not the original design for this application.


There are a range of invoicing sofwares that can easily be integrated with Projectpier, you have one unique identifier between each project and invoice and then create a consistent theme between your applications.

Personally as a Joomla developer I use nBill (a commercial joomla extension), and this is integrated with projectpier.


As for this becoming an integrated part of projectpier, leave a suggestion but i fear most people are expecting the world from pier's developers (a complete custom solution for their business), while contributing nothing.

Hi PP Users and Team,

We are happy to give you the news that we have completed the development of Invoice/ Billing module for PP. This has bundle of features of creating invoices based on projects, tasks, time entry.

Currently, we are testing this on our server and we will be launching this very soon after completing the cosmetic work. The tentative date for the module release is 1st of October 2011.

Hope to give you a powerful invoice module as soon as possible.

Best Regards to all of you,

Is this available yet ?

Is this available yet?

Hey there,

Any update on this? Would be very useful to us.



are there any News about the billing Plugin? I haven't find anything about this.


It would be great to have the status of this module. Please give us the status of this module. Been using PP for quite sometime now & it would hence be greater with this module.


I think it's safe to say this plugin is not going to materialize.