New Theme: Sand


I just released a new theme, called Sand.
It's based off my Marine theme, changing the colors to a soothing beige and blue. As with marine, it uses a different structure for the dropdown menus on the user area, so a patch needs to be applied in order for it to work properly (instructions here) .

sand theme

(click for full size view)

It's the theme I'm using for my own install of ppier (with a few slight mods), so I hope it's useful to someone else! :)

Agh, I'm not sure why the thumb doesnt show up, but you can see a screenshot of the sand theme here

hey kemie,

i fixed it, but you just need to modify your input filter when adding images like that since its not enabled by default. (security/spam/etc)

Lovely! Love the new theme! I could live on variations on Marine for a while ;)

I've been using the Marine theme for a while now, and while I like the looks there are a couple of bugs that I've noticed that are fairly annoying...

1. File upload - The button for adding additional files is missing. The only way I've been able to figure out how to add multiple files is to post a message with one file attached, then use the 'Attach more files' link in the message overview page.

2. Permissions - When I add a new project and want to give a client full permission access, I have to go through a multiple step process. In other themes, you can give a person permissions, and then the checkbox list to add either all or choose from the list. With Marine, I have to:
1. Give the client permission to the project. Save.
1. Navigate back to permissions form, give person within the client permission to project. Save.
3. Navigate back to permissions form, give the person permission to either all or from the list. Save.
4. Then double check (because sometimes it doesn't always work) and navigate to the project, go to > People > Permissions and make sure they still have alll permissions.

I think until these bugs are fixed I'll stick with one of the other themes.

Oh, and I thought that maybe it was the patch (for the menus) that was the culprit, but both themes behave this way on a fresh PP install and no patch.


Hi Bryan, thanks for the report! I do need some more details from you, as I cannot reproduce it.

1. Are you talking about the file upload page?Which button are you referring to? I cannot see any button to upload multiple files from the file upload page in any theme, only on the messages page.

2. I'm not understanding the process. Why do you need to give the client permission multiple times?

The theme should not change ANY functionality in the system, except for the dropdown menus appearing on mouseover instead of onclick, so I'm wondering if it's not another issue going on here...